WUSPBA publishes a newsletter, Words & Music, to its membership. Words & Music contains piping & drumming related stories, articles and results from the competition scene.

Words & Music 2010 Schedule (draft)

Winter/Spring 2010 – Publication deadline: March 21th
Summer 2010 – Publication deadline: July 11th
Fall 2010 – Publication deadline: October 24th

Ad sizes and rates:
1/4 page, 4.75" high x 3.625" wide = $30 USD
1/2 page, 4.75" high x 7.5" wide = $55 USD
full page, 9.875" high x 7.5" wide = $105 USD

The plan is for copies to be distributed approximately one week after the above deadlines, but dates are highly subject to change.

Words & Music Archive

Visit our online archive of W&M for back issues available for download.

Would you like to contribute to the newsletter? Please contact the Editor for whom contact information is available on the Administration page.