Massed Band Settings

Massed Bands Music

Drum Settings
(Updated May 2011)

Bagpipe Settings
(Thanks to Phil Lenihan for his volunteer effort to clean up the pipe settings!)

  • Amazing Grace (BWW)

  • Barren Rocks of Aden (BWW)

  • Bonnie Dundee (BWW)

  • Green Hills of Tyrol (BWW)

  • Highland Laddie (BWW)

  • Pipe Major J.K. Cairns (BWW)
    PDF) Drum Majors will not request this tune in 2010.
  • Scotland the Brave (BWW)

  • We’re No Awa Tae Bide Awa (BWW)

  • When the Battle’s O’er (BWW)

MAP Band Tunes for Competition in Scotland under RSPBA Rules.

Grade 4 bands competing in Scotland at certain venues (Majors, such as the Worlds) must adhere to the MAP requirements of the RSPBA. A current requirements and complete list of tunes as well as the music scores in PDF format is available on the RSPBA’s page for MAP Tunes. Please note that for 2010, requirements for 4A bands has changed. We are also including some of the MAP tunes below in a variety of formats.

Bagpipe Settings 2006. (Drum settings are left to the creativity of the bands.)

All the 2006 MAP tunes listed above are also available in these two zipped archives
GIF, BWW, MIDI files:
PDF files:

These settings are the simplest that RSPBA will allow in a MAP contest. Bands can play more complex settings if they wish, but nothing simpler. The idea behind the simplified settings is to encourage Grade IV bands to focus more on musical presentation and ensemble than on complex technique.